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     Only new art ! Collective exhibition of new paintings at the art gallery Galerie des Remparts, 63 rue des remparts in Bordeaux, France.


New artist painters :

Eric Bourdon, Marie Ange Daudé, Gali, Kegrea,

Martine Pinsolle, Skou, Katy Wright.


New works by Stephane Leberloa,

Rony Speranza et Murielle Vanhove.


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     Another 3 days to enjoy the ART CAPITAL exhibition in Paris !

    ART CAPITAL brings the four historic Parisian salons together under the glass roof of the Grand Palais :

Salon Comparaisons
Salon des Artistes français (Salon of French Artists)
Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’eau
(Drawing and Watercolour Salon)
Salon des Artistes Indépendants (Salon of Independent Artists)

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     Eric Bourdon will participate from 14 to 18 February 2018 to the Salon of French Artists, as part of the Art Capital exhibition, at the Grand Palais in Paris. Contact Eric Bourdon by email to request your free invitation to the exhibition (if there are any left!). The exhibited painting will be : Florist in Guernica.

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     The Salon of French Artists inaugurates, as part of Art Capital, the calendar of major Parisian artistic events in 2018. Art Capital brings together 4 exhibitions : Salon Comparaisons, Salon of the Society of French Artists, Salon of Drawing and Watercolor Painting, and that of the Society of Independent Artists.

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Eric Bourdon

Painter, Sketch artist

Extract from the catalog of Solid’Art 2017, the exhibition-sale of contemporary art organized by Secours populaire.
Exhibition at the Palais Rameau in Lille, France,
from 16 to 18 June 2017.

Eric Bourdon painter sketch artist

See the entire exhibition catalog


Eric Bourdon is a man with no story to tell, and a sketch artist without technique.

Every day (like every painting) is a new beginning !

For him, improvisation is the only rule of the game, it is at the heart of artistic activity.

Bringing out colorful emotions and folkloric characters from a few lines drawn “without thinking”, is to cultivate graphic creativity at its most basic level.

Scribbler by profession, Eric Bourdon only tries to shed light on the creative wealth of chance and accident, and to reveal their inexhaustible potential when it comes to creating a myriad of creatures… that we would have never thought of !

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     SOLID’ART is the exhibition & sale of contemporary art of the ‘Secours Populaire’. This 3rd edition, featuring 130 artists (including JEF AEROSOL, Jihem, Hervé Di Rosa, Eric Bourdon, LEM, Laurence Vanhecke, Palczy, Virgnie Fiers…), will take place from 16 to 18 June 2017, at the Palais Rameau in Lille, France.


Catalog of the Exhibition


Facebook page of Solid’Art 2017


Video of the February exhibition Fanny Leurent / Eric Bourdon (sculptures and paintings) at the studio-gallery Atelier A3 in Lille, by Manu Samyn !!




     Next exhibition is next month in Lille, from February 4 to 11, with sculptor Fanny Leurent, at the Atelier Galerie A3, 10 rue Saint-Génois in Lille. The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11am-7pm. Preview : Friday 3, February at 6.30pm. Need a map ? Click on the flyer. The posters are here too : Fanny LeurentEric Bourdon ;-)


Come to see some of my paintings in Marseille, France…!

From Friday 18 Nov to Sunday 27 Nov, 2016


Free entrance from 12pm to 7pm

Invitation to Voeux d’Artistes 2016 – pdf(fr) [500Ko]

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   You can find some of my paintings at the new gallery/workshop Atelier A3 in Lille (France) : 10 rue Saint-Génois (near the train station Lille-Flandres). The Atelier A3 is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11am-7pm.


Exhibition of my works, with pop paintings (Prince & Florent Pagny)by Virginie Fiers alias Mamzelle Firlipipis

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Art of Today

2016/09/15 | by Eric Bourdon | Comment


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“Art of Today” exhibition
(pen & marker on paper)
*** 2016 ***
© Eric Bourdon

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