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     Dear friends of poetry !

     Is everything really everything if it is not at the same time nothing? And reduced to nothing, can he find himself back ?…

     The following text of free poetry, All and nothing, finally tells you all there’s to know about everything, and also about nothing or not much. How could you know anything about everything if you don’t know anything about nothing….? No translation problem, what is written is exactly what is meant !

     However, the whimsical text All and nothing is only (for now) the best possible translation of the French text Tout et rien, written in 2019, which has received several prizes for free poetry in France.

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A good year… 2018 ! 41% growth in visits

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WARNING : if you are a degrowth activist, don’t look at this post, as it contains information likely to offend your sensitivity…

Statistics of visits to the websites :

eric bourdon .com (English-speaking website), in red
eric bourdon .fr (French-speaking website), in blue
Total in yellow

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Website – Visitors by country of origin

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website country 440 eric bourdon

(Zoom – Visitors by country)


Website visitors by country of origin

eric bourdon .com (January 2018)


     The top 17 countries that visit the website eric bourdon .com, based on the month of January 2018. In the Top 5, no surprise with… France (49%) followed by United States ( 16%), big surprise with South Korea (5%), before Germany (3%) and United Kingdom (3%).

감사합니다 !

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Website – Statistics of visits

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stats eric bourdon

(Zoom – Website visits)


Statistics of visits until 2017

eric bourdon .com (website in English, in red)
eric bourdon .fr (website in French, in blue)
Total (in yellow)


     575 241 visits from late 2005 (creation of the site, bilingual until 2014) to 2017. The increase is increasing !

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Facebook page

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     Follow the new Facebook page of French painter Eric Bourdon ! Latest news, art exhibitions, new paintings first posted on Facebook, for you to like, comment, share…

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