LOST clock designed by the French painter Eric Bourdon

Zoom on the LOST clocks (named after the LOST painting)

Stressed ? Always an eye on the clock ? What if we switched roles ?…

What if it was the clock that had all its eyes fixed on you, and was struggling to keep up with your ruthless pace ?

With the LOST clock designed by the French painter Eric Bourdon, you will never be in search of lost time again !

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Greece Bailout Graffiti Nein

Protests aren’t just limited to demonstrations […] Some have taken a quiet yet bold and defiant stance, using enormous and pointed pieces of street art to vent their frustration with the EU and Greek government. The pieces range from murals on partially collapsed buildings to sweeping wheat pastes spanning multiple building stories. In bright color and striking drawings, they demonstrate the difficulties facing the Greek people.

Greece’s gorgeous street art shows anger about bailouts
by Dustin Drankoski (June 29, 2015)


Photo : A man walks past a graffiti made by street artist N_Grams that read “NO” in German but also “YES, IN” in Greek language in Athens, on Sunday, June 28, 2015 (Petros Giannakouris / Associated Press).


tea coffee painting eric bourdon


     Latest drawing ‘Tea or coffee ?’ inspired by a set of stethoscopes (my kind of ‘applied art’)…

     See the full story here : step-by-step creation.

     This artwork is an acrylic painting on linen canvas, 61x38cm (24,02″x14,96″).



Playing pareidolia with Freud…

Published on 2013-09-07 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
Category(ies) : Applied art, Painting, Pareidolia  

Sigmund Freud vulture


     This is the shape of a vulture that Sigmund Freud, playing “pareidolia” without knowing it, found in Leonardo da Vinci’s oil painting “The Virgin and Child with St. Anne” (1503-1519).

     This vulture, that Sigmund Freud guessed was hidden in the folds of the garment of the Virgin, was the center of his speculations about Leonardo da Vinci’s alleged homosexuality and views on women in his book Leonardo da Vinci and a memory of his childhood (1910).

     If the vulture revealed anything, it was only about Freud’s personal obsessions. I’ve just found some other interesting shapes, highlighted in my latest work “Sigmund Freud and a memory of his elephants”. You will see just a few of them, solutions are innumerable…!



You little mouse deserve nothing !…

Published on 2013-04-14 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
Category(ies) : Applied art, Drawing, Painting  

little mouse eric bourdon


…even this little piece of cheese !

     This is an improvised painting, its drawing was inspired by a doodle on the cover of You Deserve Nothing, a 2011 novel by the American writer Alexander Maksik. It could be an allegory about the rich accumulating unnecessary goods while refusing the poor (the grey mouse) to feed themselves. The bird could be a state agent. A scenario among others…

     UPDATE : Take a look at the step-by-step creation of : You dirty rat deserve nothing (the new title!), along with an other improvised drawing, and an other story, created from the same doodle…