The frock coat of the pope of Hautot-sur-Mer

Published on 2023-03-11 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
Category(ies) : Analysis, Painting  

frock coat pope hautot-sur-mer painter eric bourdon

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The frock coat of the pope of Hautot-sur-Mer

Original acrylic painting on linen canvas
Artwork size : 25.59 x 18.11” / 65 x 46 cm

© Gallery of painter Eric Bourdon
Lille, France, 2022

     The aesthetic contemplation of the acrylic painting by French painter Eric Bourdon titled “The frock coat of the pope of Hautot-sur-Mer” does not direct us towards the canvas or towards the figures which appear on it, but towards an entirely different landscape and entirely different realities which are the “represented realities”, “portrayed” or even “depicted” and which constitute, precisely, no longer the painting as an object of the world but the work of art in its aesthetic reality.

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