Exhibition in Bordeaux, Galerie des Remparts

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     Only new art ! Collective exhibition of new paintings at the art gallery Galerie des Remparts, 63 rue des remparts in Bordeaux, France.


New artist painters :

Eric Bourdon, Marie Ange Daudé, Gali, Kegrea,

Martine Pinsolle, Skou, Katy Wright.


New works by Stéphane Leberloa,

Rony Speranza et Murielle Vanhove.





 The art gallery ‘Galerie des Remparts’ in Bordeaux


     The Galerie des Remparts has been located in the city of Bordeaux for over twenty years, close to the Bordeaux City Hall and the Museum of Fine Arts, and 300 m from the ‘rue Sainte-Catherine’.

     Its exhibition program gives much space to the diversity of the modes of expression, to the dialogue between modern and contemporary, and the exchange of one generation with the other. Painting is, of course, represented just like sculpture, photography, figurative or abstract art. Each artist, painting or artwork, brings his vision of the world with sincerity.

     Urban Art, or Street Art, has naturally found its place in the Galerie des Remparts and has become one of the rising values of contemporary art.

     Artists of the gallery are presented throughout the year in solo exhibitions, group shows, thematic and off-the-wall exhibits.



The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday
10:30am-1pm and 2:30pm-7pm


Find the Facebook page of the Galerie des Remparts here : www.facebook.com/galeriedesrempartsbordeaux


français eric bourdon  Exposition à Bordeaux, Galerie des Remparts





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