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Think of the planet !

Pen, marker on paper, digital retouching
Eric Bourdon © 2018


     “Print this email only if you really need it !” To appeal to the responsibility of everyone for the future of the planet, before using a small sheet of paper, is very nice.

     But while you feel guilty, weighing the pros and cons…

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“On the road to holidays… and bullfights”
(Spanish-style bullfights = corridas de toros)
Pen and marker on paper, 2017
© Eric Bourdon


     This drawing was inspired by the contrast between the awareness campaigns against the abandonment of pets on the roads to holidays, carried out by the animal welfare associations, and the festive torture of other animals, supported by the law and mostly funded by public money.

     Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. While empathy is stimulated on one side, it is reduced to nothingness on the other. Even more, one encourages not only to stay passive, but also to take a positive pleasure in the spectacle of another’s suffering.

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“The Catholic Church leads by example…”

Pen & marker on paper, 2017
© Eric Bourdon

Art of Today

2016/09/15 | by Eric Bourdon | Comment


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“Art of Today” exhibition
(pen & marker on paper)
*** 2016 ***
© Eric Bourdon

donald trump kkk great again


Ever wanted to know what is in Trump’s program, beyond 4 words ?…


     Of course, there are some GREAT intellectuals amongst Trump’s supporters – don’t even doubt it. Read Eliot Borenstein’s article Russian Fascists for Trump! on the Huffington Post website to instruct yourself if you can’t believe it :

“Donald Trump has collected a lovely bouquet of endorsements in his path to the presidency: Chris Christie, David Duke, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the KKK. It’s the kind of praise that would make a mother proud, if your mother happened to be Leni Riefenstahl [Nazi propagandist film director]. And now he can add Russian philosopher, TV personality, and Duck Dynasty lookalike Alexander Dugin […]”


Illustration © Eric Bourdon



Another cartoon on
‘Heidegger : the introduction of Nazism into philosophy’


From the title of the book
The Introduction of Nazism into Philosophy in Light of
the Unpublished Seminars of 1933-1935

by Emmanuel Faye,
Yale University Press, 2009


© Eric Bourdon



     It’s a most common question, especially since we discovered that Martin Heidegger, the ‘philosopher of authenticity’ was not only personally involved in Nazism, but his so-called ‘philosophy’ was essentially an intellectual (and highly sophisticated) phrasing of the Nazi ideology. The publication of his courses and lectures, writings in their original form, private letters and public statements, and a huge number of texts he wanted to be published only after his death, make this issue increasingly important.


See The Introduction of Nazism into Philosophy
in Light of the Unpublished Seminars of 1933-1935

by Emmanuel Faye, Yale University Press, 2009.

INDIES Book of the Year Award
in the Philosophy category, by Foreword Magazine.


© Eric Bourdon

The paradoxes of the anonymous defense of freedom of expression, in pictures.
33 pages (html) >>> The Nanominus

My first satirical cartoon, just for fun ;-)

protected from the influence of the cults eric bourdon


Now you are protected from the influence of the cults / YOU ARE FREE [ click on pictures to enlarge ]

protected from the influence of the cults black white eric bourdon

Same, with fifty shades of grey…
Freely inspired by a drawing by the satirical cartoonist
Patrick Chappatte : Homeland security made perfect.

© Eric Bourdon