Update : visitors of Saturday, March 9th. Since artists can collect their works “from” 2pm, it is better to come to the opening at 11am to enjoy the entire exhibition, nibble, attend the speech, the painting contest…

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     The Rosati Society will hold its collective exhibition of painting in Arras (north of France) from March 2nd to 9th. It will take place at the Hôtel de Guînes’ gallery, the brand new address of the Rosati poetico-artistic association, which it shares with the Arras Academy.

     I will present “Florist in Guernica”, an acrylic painting on linen canvas, exhibited in Paris at the Salon of French Artists (Salon des Artistes Français) in 2018.

     The gallery of the 18th century mansion, residence located at 2 rue des Jongleurs in Arras, will be open from Saturday 2nd to Saturday 9th March, 2-6pm. The vernissage or “opening” will take place on the last day, March 9th at 11am.

français eric bourdon   Arras : Exposition à la galerie de l’Hôtel de Guînes


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