Zoroid turnamble in ornupital herpinaceae

Published on 2021-12-20 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
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zoroid turnamble ornupital herpinaceae painting eric bourdon

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Zoroid turnamble in ornupital herpinaceae

Original acrylic painting on linen canvas
Size : 28.74 x 23.62” / 73 x 60 cm

© Gallery of painter Eric Bourdon
Lille, France, 2021

     Eric Bourdon’s acrylic painting on canvas titled “Zoroid turnamble in ornupital herpinaceae” reaffirms a certain interest in the role that aesthetic properties could play in art today. Openly rejecting the aesthetic approach to art on the grounds that it would be morally and politically regressive, obscure postmodern theorists with prominent double chins and thick faces harbored in small, shameful but heavily hydrated meetings the reactionary hope of returning to art its ideological dimension of yesteryear.

     Cooking in a bain-marie could in a more appropriate way have uplifted both their soul and body : healthy and dietetic, it does not necessarily require the addition of fat. It also preserves the flavors and nutrients of cooked foods and restores a luminous and radiant complexion in in two strokes of a pot spoon !

pot spoon

Pot spoon

     The late interest in aesthetics could well herald a new era where little rabbits will be able to cheer up and run freely in the poppy fields in search of happiness and free love and in which a radical pluralism will have imposed itself, giving rise to questions which, going beyond that of the mere definition of art, concern its value and appreciation – questions that a different understanding of aesthetics is likely to help address (although we are not quite sure…).

français eric bourdon   Tournouille zoroïde d’herpinacée ornupitale


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