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le gouverne ment acrylic paper eric bourdon

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Original acrylic painting on extra strong drawing paper
with grain Carte d’Art 340g by Sennelier (D340)
Artwork size : 7.87 x 7.87” / 20 x 20 cm

© Online art gallery of painter Eric Bourdon
Lille, France, 2020

     The painting “LE GOUVERNE MENT” probes the inextricable depths of the human soul in order to bring the viewer to the paroxysmal serenity of being. On a background of green pastures and lovely sky blues enameled with small bursts of pure white light, the work intuitively explores the truth and freedom of the human spirit in the context of both its societal complexity and singular intimacy. The painter expresses his feelings about universal moments of life, and his own interiority in the form of symbolic and cathartic language.

     A galllery of emotions intertwined with subliminal realities, mischievous imagination, tinkling phantasmagoria and ancillary but authentic feelings welcome you into these protean and original universes. Through them, one can free the conscious and unconscious mental activities linked to the exposure of the individual to the intrusive gaze and to the lies of an existentially weird collectivity. It is a process of sublimation or even ontological resilience elevated to the rank of hilarious but subtle hyperstructured pedantic buffoonery.

français eric bourdon   LE GOUVERNE MENT


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