Pan-chromatic plastic emulsion…

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Pan-chromatic plastic emulsion Eric Bourdon

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Pan-chromatic plastic emulsion
with jubilant pigmentary hydroflures from Agadir Nymphaea

(Full title)

Original acrylic painting on linen canvas
Artwork size : 31.89 x 25.59” / 81 x 65 cm

© Online art gallery of painter Eric Bourdon
Lille, France, 2020

     Such a title immediately sends us back faster than one would think to the history of Marxism and the thorny debate on the inability to fully account, in the aesthetics of pigment emulsion, of the specificity of dynamic fluctuations of meaning. The properties of pan- (even pro-) chromatic plastic emulsion force us today to revise our interpretation of the pigment classification recognized until then by specialists and chroniclers of jubilant sciences.

     The hydroflure, as it was believed until recently, was only one derivative among others of pan-chromatic extracts from common water lily with 6 petals. However, it is only on the Moroccan Nymphaea that one takes, in the city of Agadir, the hydroflure essence on the first full moon night of each summer.

radio hat

The Radio Hat : one of the very first radio hats, invented by a Berlin engineer (according to an August 1930 issue of the American printed magazine ‘Modern Mechanix’) and premiered in 1931 by the British cinemagazine ‘Pathetone Weekly’…

     The resulting historico-epistemological problematic therefore partly anticipates the reading of Marx proposed by Althusser, in particular with regard to the attempt to think about the political character of the restricted consideration that one has for plastic emulsion, and the highlighting of the sensory (but not representative) composition of the artwork with the help of different aesthetic nuances of chromaticity (quality of a color independently of its luminance) and a (too?) customary narcissistic Befriedigung hidden in the folds of the canvas…

français eric bourdon   Émulsion plastique pan-chromatique…


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