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Excerpts about Eric Bourdon, artist painter on the website Eric Bourdon, French artist painter | Gallery, in the category About the artist. Selected excerpts about the French artist painter Eric Bourdon, from various publications, journals, websites, press releases... by galleries and art critics. The opinion of "Arts Hebdo Medias", the online magazine on contemporary arts, Bicha Gallery in London, the parisian journal Éléments, Galerie Schèmes in Lille...


Eric Bourdon artist painter

Eric Bourdon - Cheerful delirium

His universe is merry and fanciful, the stroke, spontaneous, has a great time on the canvas, virtuoso of the line, curves and arabesques, until the bright and luminous colours burst onto the scene and repossess it.

Eric Bourdon bends kind monsters into shape who glide gracefully among a faun of individuals whose silhouettes are of the most amazing, plump or lanky, always infinitely sympathetic and delighted to come to stimulate our dormant child souls.

Samantha Deman

Arts Hebdo Medias

Eric Bourdon sketch artist

Eric's work is more drawing than painting. It is a game with lines, first drawn in a spontaneous manner, random - much like a child doodling - then worked and reworked again and again until something new, a precise figure, character, emerges from this chaos. Always newness created from the nothingness. No character ever appears twice.


Bicha Gallery, London

Arts : Eric Bourdon’s funny chaos

The symptomal presentness of Eric Bourdon

The painter Eric Bourdon is in the image of his generation. He thinks through his painting about the world which surrounds him, he makes fun about it with cynicism, but one does not know too much if he cuts himself off from it or just wishes to take his distances from what he apparently denounces. Undoubtedly this is there too all the interest of his canvas (…)

Derision excludes paradoxically here any calling into question what one laughs at, in a style which defines only too well the young contemporary art : as with the scenario writer Quentin Tarantino, who only caricatures the seventies to like them, and apes their violence without judging it (neither in good, nor in evil).

(...) a start of success thus takes shape for him. Some will regret it. Some others will say to themselves that besides being instructive and valuable as symptoms, these canvas have the infinite merit to recall that, in spite of our lifesickness, we can still find some fervour in the way we look at things.

Paul Masquelier, Éléments

Eric BOURDON is the joy of life, made man.

Original, colorful, cheerful, the painting of BOURDON is at the confluence

of figurative art, abstract art and oneiric art.

The eye intrigued by these falsely naive paintings tries to decrypt the story or stories that are told

and when you think you understand some details take you to new horizons...

It is with great happiness that Schèmes invites you to discover

a new and undeniable talent promised to a bright future.

Jean-François Parmentier, Galerie Schèmes, Lille, France