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X45BKR$ acrylic painting on paper eric bourdon

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Original acrylic painting on extra strong drawing paper
with grain Carte d’Art 340g by Sennelier (D340)
Artwork size : 7.87 x 7.87” / 20 x 20 cm

© Gallery of painter Éric Bourdon
Lille, France, 2021

     Éric Bourdon’s acrylic painting on paper “X45BKR$” is the expression of what brings back to the painter’s original anchoring in his work. The world of art and aesthetics is an access route already favored by Merleau-Ponty for probing the depth of the visible and sketching a new ontology in The visible and the invisible.

     From Lille to Biarritz, from Biarritz to Dubai… the work of art can only be approached by feeling, that is to say by a “being with the world” in all the depth and extent of this being and this world, in a communication or an exchange (which resonate with the theoretical approach of cognition according to the notion of enac-tion, called enac-tivism) through which the distinction between subjectivity and objectivity is quite simply abolished : “abstraction is characteristic of art because art is the truth of feeling”.

big zucchini

Raw or cooked, zucchini has many virtues
and can be eaten in any season !
Photo © Alain Coviaux / Le Télégramme, 2020

     Thus the British painter George Vicat Cole (father of the painter Rex Vicat Cole) owed in part the great popularity of his landscapes to the simplicity of his technical method, which questioned in a former time with the allure of eternity our relationship to a thousand fleeting shades and a thousand deep resonances which make the perceptual consciousness of the environment something absolutely ours.

français eric bourdon   X45BKR$ | Peinture acrylique sur papier par Éric Bourdon


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