Eric Burdon, watercolor painting portrait

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eric burdon watercolor painting portrait by eric bourdon


Eric Burdon
by Eric Bourdon © 2017

Watercolor painting portrait, 17×13,5 cm

From a photo published on
Deutsche Welle (DW)


     First, and very simple watercolor : largely used like gouache, and applied with brushes for acrylic painting on paper for markers… with digital retouching.

     Eric Victor Burdon was the lead singer of Britain’s blues-rock band The Animals (or Eric Burdon and the Animals) in the 1960s, and of the funk-rock band War (or Eric Burdon and War), in the early 1970s.

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Don’t miss them ! WUMAN is a brand new music group from Belgium, with a bright future ahead. They played their third concert last week… already on the stage of the great Dour Festival.

“WUMAN is female music composed by male humans”. This quartet of musicians makes sound portraits of women, which you can listen to right now on the Bandcamp platform :



WUMAN is also on Facebook :


français eric bourdon  La découverte du Festival de Dour 2015





     A triangle player, 2 guitarists, a drummer, an accordionist, a singer… All kinds of musicians everywhere with their fans, or amazed spectators… Then you can imagine what kind of story it could be… perhaps a musical American Idol-like contest ?


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Photo © Eric Bourdon



festival colors eric bourdon


     Big festival, whatever kind it is, the World Music Day or the Hindu Festival of Colors (‘Holi’)…


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Photo © Eric Bourdon