Artist’s view of Port Vicat from Bayonne

Published on 2020-10-30 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
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Artist's view of Port Vicat from Bayonne Eric Bourdon

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Artist’s view of Port Vicat from Bayonne in dry weather
(Full title)

Original acrylic painting on extra strong drawing paper
with grain Carte d’Art 340g by Sennelier (D340)
Artwork size : 7.87 x 7.87” / 20 x 20 cm

© Online art gallery of painter Eric Bourdon
Lille, France, 2020

     The painting Artist’s view of Port Vicat from Bayonne in dry weather immediately questions the status of art and aesthetic affectivity developed for example by Michel Henry. Is the place occupied by art within the economy of material phenomenology the most appropriate site for the immanent exploration of appearing and the auscultation of the transcendental affectivity of life ?

     The difficulty of seeing Port Vicat from Bayonne even in dry weather brings us to another important, complementary and very concrete question : does fish soup really make you fat ? Without immediately giving us the answer, Hegel nevertheless puts us on a timeless track which does not mention the hygrometry level in Port Vicat more than that in Bayonne : “The Owl of Minerva only takes flight at dusk”, as he tells us. To be meditated while waiting for nightfall…

français eric bourdon   Vue d’artiste du Port Vicat depuis Bayonne


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