The little people project : Slinkachu

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Slinkachu little people miniatures


Have you seen the little people of Slinkachu ?…

This artist from London has been abandoning miniatures since 2006, leaving them to a life of vagrancy, dangerous adventures, but also humour and beauties, in a world created by us humans !

His work brings together street art, installation art and photography, and has been exhibited worldwide in art galleries and museums.

Ready to change your point of vue on our good-old-world ?



Photo : © Slinkachu



La Linea – Osvaldo Cavandoli

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   La Linea (“The Line”) is the character created by Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli in the 70s.

    La Linea remains the best example of how emotional a simple line can be ! And most of all it is a model of efficiency and simplicity for all sketch artists, beginners or experienced.


La Linea - Osvaldo Cavandoli 1


     When Osvaldo Cavandoli (1920-2007) developed his interest in cartoons in 1943, he started working with Nino Pagot, who later created Calimero. In 1950 he started working independently as a director and a producer.

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Apricot – Acrylic painting on linen canvas

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Apricot - Eric Bourdon

Zoom on the painting


Original acrylic painting on linen canvas
Artwork size : 31.89 x 25.59” / 81 x 65 cm
© Eric Bourdon, 2007

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