Evolving canvas – WIP-14

Published on 2018-02-25 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
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evolving canvas eric bourdon


     Evolving canvas : 14th day of almost daily improvisation. A few extra layers of paint, more sparkle in the sky, some relief on the bird’s head…


     “The painting is finished when it has erased the idea” (the initial idea of the painting) according to the painter Georges Braque (in The Day and the Night). Of course, when there is no idea at the beginning, your improv painting is finished around… when you want. Or rather, never. So a little more time to “finish”, we just have the eternity ! And as for the idea, it will come, or not, no importance..


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Photo © Éric Bourdon


français eric bourdon  Tableau en évolution – WIP-14



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