More paint !… WIP-13

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more paint eric bourdon


     Thirteenth day of live improvisation (WIP – Work In Progress) of a new acrylic painting. We just add more paint in the sky, more paint on the characters…


Frenhofer is a man carried away by the passion of his art ; he sees above and beyond what other painters see. He has meditated deeply on color and the absolute truth of lines ; but by dint of much research, much thought, much study, he has come to doubt the very object of his search. In his hours of despair he fancies that drawing does not exist, and that lines can render nothing but geometric figures. That, of course, is not true ; because with a black line which has no color we can represent the human form. This proves that our art is made up, like nature, of an infinite number of elements. Drawing gives the skeleton, color gives the life (…)

Le Chef-d’œuvre inconnu
(The unknown Masterpiece)
Short story by Honoré de Balzac
published in the journal L’Artiste in 1831
under the title Maître Frenhofer


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Painting © Éric Bourdon


français eric bourdon  Plus de peinture !… WIP-13



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