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The bridge at Moret (Le pont de Moret)

Oil painting on canvas by Alfred Sisley, 1893
73 x 92 cm, Musée d’Orsay, Paris


     Born in Paris in 1839, Alfred Sisley is a British artist painter and engraver, attached to the Impressionist movement and living and working mainly in France. He will be admitted to the Salon of French Artists in 1866, 1868 and 1870.

     The pictorial language of Alfred Sisley has always been strongly in keeping with Impressionism, but he has also always shown his attachment to his first inspirers, Jean-Baptiste Corot and Charles-François Daubigny. Sisley is exclusively a landscape painter, one who, with Claude Monet, best sought and succeeded in expressing the most subtle nuances of nature in the Impressionist landscapes. His paintings show his keen interest in the colorful impressions of trees and buildings, and the changing play of light and clouds above the landscape.

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lightness darkness eric bourdon


     Seventh episode of the live creation of a new painting. Between lightness and darkness…

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traces of life eric bourdon


     Episode six of the live creation of a new painting. Some traces of life…

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Statistics of visits until 2017

eric bourdon .com (website in English, in red)
eric bourdon .fr (website in French, in blue)
Total (in yellow)


     575 241 visits from late 2005 (creation of the site, bilingual until 2014) to 2017. The increase is increasing !

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upside down eric bourdon


     Fifth round of the continuous creation of a new acrylic painting. Reversal of situation…

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avenue of the grand charles oil on linen patrick palczy wm 440 eric bourdon

(Zoom – Oil on linen by Patrick Palczy)


Avenue of the Grand Charles

Oil painting on linen canvas
© Patrick Palczy, 2018
Dimensions : 80 x 80 cm


     Brand new oil painting done with brushes and painting knives by Patrick Palczy, painter of urban landscapes. The artist and his work can be discovered at the Atelier A3, 10 Rue Saint Génois in Lille. The workshop is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30am-7:00pm. The Avenue of the Grand Charles is for sale at 650 euros.

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theory of augmented chaos eric bourdon


     Fourth episode of the live creation (WIP) of a new acrylic painting. Today, a pinch of augmented chaos…

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think planet 440 eric bourdon

(Zoom on the drawing)


Think of the planet !

Pen, marker on paper, digital retouching
Eric Bourdon © 2018


     “Print this email only if you really need it !” To appeal to the responsibility of everyone for the future of the planet, before using a small sheet of paper, is very nice.

     But while you feel guilty, weighing the pros and cons…

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free lines canvas eric bourdon


     Third step of live creation (or WIP : Work in progress) of a new painting. Lines that dance freely on the canvas…

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abstract background canvas eric bourdon


     Second step of the continuous creation (WIP – Work in progress). An abstract canvas as background… with acrylic paint.

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