Exhibition interrupted without explanation by BeefHouse
on June 13 (the day after the publication of this post)… xD

exhibition beefhouse lille france eric bourdon

The painting “Last meal of a carnivore…” exhibited
at the BeefHouse “meat restaurant” in Lille (Euralille Centre).

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Cuckoos fallen from the nest, acrylic painting

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Category(ies) : Painting

cuckoos nest painting 440 eric bourdon

(Zoom on the painting)


Cuckoos fallen from the nest

Acrylic painting on linen canvas
by Eric Bourdon © 2018
Artwork size : 65 x 54 cm

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solid art exhibition solidarity eric bourdon lille 2018


     SOLID’ART is the exhibition & sale of contemporary art of the ‘Secours Populaire’. This 4th edition, featuring 130 artists (including Jef Aérosol, Eric Bourdon, Jihem, MIMI the ClowN, Francis Moreeuw, Atelier A3, Virginie Fiers, Patrick Palczy, Mickey, Jacques Pentel, Isabelle Diguet, Denis Bisch, Fabrice Burton, Hélène Beelkens, Yvon Delaporte, Philippe Hollevout…), will take place from 25 to 27 May 2018 at the Palais Rameau in Lille, France.

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Teacher training in America

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Category(ies) : Analysis, Drawing, Drawings on paper

teacher training america usa 440 eric bourdon

(Zoom on the drawing)


Teacher training in America

Pen, marker on paper, digital retouching
Eric Bourdon © 2018


     Excerpts below are selected from an article by German Lopez published on Vox.com : www.vox.com/…/armed-teachers-gun-violence-mass-shootings (2018/03/20)

     “The case against arming teachers”
More “good guys with guns” wouldn’t be enough – and would likely make a lot of problems worse.

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Exhibition in Bordeaux, Galerie des Remparts

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Category(ies) : Exhibitions

art gallery galerie remparts bordeaux france exhibition eric bourdon


     Only new art ! Collective exhibition of new paintings at the art gallery Galerie des Remparts, 63 rue des remparts in Bordeaux, France.


New artist painters :

Eric Bourdon, Marie Ange Daudé, Gali, Kegrea,

Martine Pinsolle, Skou, Katy Wright.


New works by Stéphane Leberloa,

Rony Speranza et Murielle Vanhove.




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Leap-pig, new acrylic painting on canvas

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Category(ies) : Painting

leap-pig painting canvas eric bourdon 440

(Zoom on the painting)



Acrylic painting on linen canvas
by Eric Bourdon © 2018
Artwork size : 65 x 54 cm

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oracle mute owl eric bourdon


     Final version of the 15 days long painting improvisation, now that the eyes of the “owl” of Saturn have been painted, as well as three hairs on the head of the red squirrel of Mars (sorry for the mixture of genres). Not to mention a small signature and the good title.

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Evolving canvas – WIP-14

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Category(ies) : Painting, Work in progress

evolving canvas eric bourdon


     Evolving canvas : 14th day of almost daily improvisation. A few extra layers of paint, more sparkle in the sky, some relief on the bird’s head…

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The Kiss by Auguste Rodin

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Category(ies) : Analysis, Sculpture

the kiss auguste rodin eric bourdon


The Kiss

Marble sculpture
Auguste Rodin / Carved by Jean Turcan
H. 181,5 cm ; W. 112,5 cm ; D. 117 cm


     The Kiss is a sculpture of an entwined couple, of which Auguste Rodin created as early as 1882 small versions in plaster, terracotta and bronze.

     In 1888, the French government commissioned Rodin to realize the first large marble version of The Kiss, for the 1889 Paris Universal Exhibition. But Rodin will take almost ten years to deliver it.

     This marble version appears for the first time at the Paris Salon (former name of the Salon of French Artists) in 1898. It is currently on display at the Musée Rodin in Paris.

     What many people don’t know is that Rodin’s The Kiss, like a lot of the Rodin Museum’s works, was not sculpted by Rodin…

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More paint !… WIP-13

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Category(ies) : Painting, Work in progress

more paint eric bourdon


     Thirteenth day of live improvisation (WIP – Work In Progress) of a new acrylic painting. We just add more paint in the sky, more paint on the characters…

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