The bird who loved a cow with feathers…

Published on 2019-09-09 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
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bird loved cow feathers online art gallery eric bourdon

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The bird who loved a cow with feathers…

Original acrylic painting on cotton canvas
Artwork size : 15.75 x 31.50” / 40 x 80 cm

© Online art gallery of painter Eric Bourdon, 2019

     A cow with feathers who, despite herself, causes the passionate love of a febrile bird. Except that… the two feathers of the cow are strangely similar to those of the fowl…!

      Often we love for a reason, and this reason is often a resemblance. Or an illusion of resemblance, an erroneous projection which makes us see in the other what only came from us. True love is without reason. Without her feathers, would the cow still be loved by the bird ?…

français eric bourdon   L’oiseau qui aimait une vache à plumes…


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