Magic mushroom – WIP-9

Published on 2018-02-12 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
Category(ies) : Painting, Pareidolia, Work in progress  

magic mushroom eric bourdon


     Ninth day of the step-by-step creation of a new painting. And our egg turns suddenly into a magic mushroom…


     Edible, toxic, deadly or hallucinatory mushroom…? In any case, no need of a mushroom, to hallucinate mushrooms.

     By the way, whether creative or chemical, artistic or narcotic, controlled or suffered, hallucinations mobilize the same process, “pareidolia”, and stimulate, or carbonize, the same region of the brain : the “temporal lobes”.


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Photo © Éric Bourdon


français eric bourdon  Champignon magique – WIP-9



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