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     A triangle player, 2 guitarists, a drummer, an accordionist, a singer… All kinds of musicians everywhere with their fans, or amazed spectators… Then you can imagine what kind of story it could be… perhaps a musical American Idol-like contest ?


Photo © Eric Bourdon

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     Big festival, whatever kind it is, the World Music Day or the Hindu Festival of Colors (‘Holi’)…


Photo © Eric Bourdon

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Day 15…

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     A big tree to support the big band…!


Photo © Eric Bourdon

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     The big interest of bodypainting seems to be the possibility it offers to directly ‘paint’ the reality (and what more perfect part of the reality than the human body ?) without having to make any kind of representational work. You just put the paint on the bodies, and the power of painting ‘shines’ ; in such case the reality is used to its best potential in the service of the painting itself.


     In this sense, the optimal kind of bodypainting would be one that uses the body as a support for any type of non-representational painting. One of this kind is the work of Yasmina Alaoui who paints the photographies by Marco Guerra with layers of ink geometric drawings.


© Images : Yasmina Alaoui / Marco Guerra

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little mouse eric bourdon

– even this little piece of cheese !… Could be an allegory about the rich accumulating unnecessary goods while refusing the poor (the grey mouse) to feed themselves. The bird could be a state agent. A scenario among others…

Complete story on this page.


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Naoto Hattori

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bad day
Giclee Print

Japanese painter from NYC. Naoto Hattori never paints with computers:

“Art is all about taking risks, follow your intuition and most of all getting your hands dirty with paint.”

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Apricot - Eric Bourdon

This funny chaos ends up producing a series of quite regular characters…

Acrylic painting on linen canvas
31.89×25.59” / 81x65cm
*** 2007 ***

Image © Eric Bourdon

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