Come right here ! – Controlled scribbling

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“Come right here !” – Controlled scribbling
Video on Vimeo © Eric Bourdon


A 3 min creative scribbling experiment…

(video speed is 3x the real speed)

Other videos of improvisational scribbling by Eric Bourdon on Vimeo !


“While coloring books for adults are something of a trend, there’s another artistic outlet that requires even less effort than colored pencils and markers. It may have more benefits, to boot.

Doodling — the spontaneous act of drawing, typically in the margins of whatever one is really supposed to be working on — is more than a humble distraction. While doodling gets a bad rap, it’s actually associated with better learning, creativity and performance. Here are five of doodling’s benefits :

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[ drawing in English ] [ dessin en français ] [ dibujo en español ]


“On the road to holidays… and bullfights”
(Spanish-style bullfights = corridas de toros)
Pen and marker on paper, 2017
© Eric Bourdon


     This drawing was inspired by the contrast between the awareness campaigns against the abandonment of pets on the roads to holidays, carried out by the animal welfare associations, and the festive torture of other animals, supported by the law and mostly funded by public money.

     Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. While empathy is stimulated on one side, it is reduced to nothingness on the other. Even more, one encourages not only to stay passive, but also to take a positive pleasure in the spectacle of another’s suffering.

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Forgiveness in the Catholic Church

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(Zoom on the drawing)


“The Catholic Church leads by example…”

Pen & marker on paper, 2017
© Eric Bourdon


français eric bourdon  Le pardon dans l’Église Catholique


Drawing with no technique

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“Saturnian rhinoceros” – Improv drawing
Video on Vimeo

How to draw a Saturnian rhinoceros with no drawing technique ?…

(video speed is 2x the real speed)


Video © Eric Bourdon


français eric bourdon  Dessiner sans technique



(Zoom on the drawing)


“Art of Today” exhibition
Drawing with pen & marker on paper
by Eric Bourdon © 2016


français eric bourdon  Exposition « Art Actuel » (dessin)


“Leave your hat on”, or the art of doodling…
Video on Vimeo – © Eric Bourdon

(video speed is 2x the real speed)

This kind of drawing improvisation is based on “pareidolia”.


Other videos of improvised drawings by Eric Bourdon on Vimeo !


français eric bourdon  L’art du gribouillage – Improvisation de dessin


This sketch artist from Belgium (living in Ireland)
  will make you stare “round-eyed” !…


Illustration, drawing, painting, sculpture…
by Nathalie Vessié-Hodges


See also : The Casting of Leonardo… da Vinci ! Illustration book

français eric bourdon   Nathalie Vessié sur Behance : illustration, dessin…

Drawing improvisation

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** Draw without learning how to draw, in 6 min **
Video on Vimeo

A blue eyes guy that appeared through improvisational drawing. A simple example for the start of my brand new video podcast on Vimeo…!

(video speed is 2x the real speed)

This kind of drawing improvisation is based on “pareidolia”.


Video © Eric Bourdon


français eric bourdon  Dessin d’improvisation


donald trump kkk great again


Ever wanted to know what is in Trump’s program, beyond 4 words ?…


     Of course, there are some GREAT intellectuals amongst Trump’s supporters – don’t even doubt it. Read Eliot Borenstein’s article Russian Fascists for Trump ! on the Huffington Post website to instruct yourself if you can’t believe it :

“Donald Trump has collected a lovely bouquet of endorsements in his path to the presidency : […] David Duke, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the KKK. It’s the kind of praise that would make a mother proud, if your mother happened to be Leni Riefenstahl [Nazi propagandist film director]. And now he can add Russian philosopher, TV personality, and Duck Dynasty lookalike Alexander Dugin.”


Illustration © Eric Bourdon



(Zoom on the drawing)


Heidegger : the introduction of Nazism into philosophy…

Pen and marker drawing on paper,
with digital retouching
by Eric Bourdon © 2016

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