Come right here ! – Controlled scribbling

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“Come right here !” – Controlled scribbling
Video on Vimeo © Eric Bourdon


A 3 min creative scribbling experiment…

(video speed is 3x the real speed)

Other videos of improvisational scribbling by Eric Bourdon on Vimeo !


“While coloring books for adults are something of a trend, there’s another artistic outlet that requires even less effort than colored pencils and markers. It may have more benefits, to boot.

Doodling — the spontaneous act of drawing, typically in the margins of whatever one is really supposed to be working on — is more than a humble distraction. While doodling gets a bad rap, it’s actually associated with better learning, creativity and performance. Here are five of doodling’s benefits :


1. Doodling Helps You Concentrate […]
2. Doodling Makes You A More Productive Employee […]
3. Doodling Can Also Keep You In The Present Moment […]
4. Doodling Is An Outlet For Every Day Creativity
5. Doodling Helps You Generate Ideas”


     Read the full article by Anna Almendrala : “5 Big Benefits Of Being A Doodler”, published in The Huffington Post (06/17/2015).


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