Old classical art in a contemporary gallery

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Old classical art in a contemporary gallery - Eric Bourdon

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Old classical art in a contemporary gallery

Original acrylic painting on linen canvas
Artwork size : 23.62 x 23.62” / 60 x 60 cm

© Gallery of painter Eric Bourdon, 2019

     A dark traditional portrait of Eric Braeden (Victor Newman in The Young and the Restless), as an antique not very at ease in an explosive contemporary art gallery ! Classical art causes skepticism, fear and misunderstanding among the general public. Getting to the end of the old representative art ?…


 😱 The imposture of classical art

     Should we ban old figurative art ? As we can see, traditional representative art is extremely dangerous for health, especially that of the youngest whose brain is still in development. By cultivating the confusion between art and representation, classical art praises the spirit of imitation. There would be real creativity only in copying an existing model. A copy at the visual level but also, inevitably, at the moral level. A model, moreover, generally quite dusty, out of fashion, little able to help you to live and thrive in today’s world…

     Representative art encourages us all to live like reactionary narcissistic sheep, taking as models values and symbols that are very often out-of-date, before immediately returning to fight, in the real world, with these weapons from a bygone era. As drug addicts in a world with which we are no longer in phase, classical art places us in real life in a position of permanent disability. Only the illusory bubble of a fantasized past, or any other kind of conformism, right-thinking or “normality”, artificially relieves us of our anxiety in the face of the challenges of the real world.

 😊 Thinking, creating and living “outside the box” !

     The world of today, like the art of today, is constantly changing, requiring everyone to have a spirit of autonomy, initiative and improvisation. It requires real creativity at every moment, innovative solutions to problems that have never been seen before, and to which the previous generations have no hint of a beginning of a response.

     The mindset of the copier of models is a poison. It can only push us from failure to failure in the contemporary world, thus giving us a disastrous view of our own worth and our true capabilities. It plunges us into a lack of understanding of the fluidity and evolution of the world, puts us on the margins of society, and finally leaves us with depression, apathy or violence, and the cohort of social, psychological and physical issues that ensue…

     But above all, as has already been said above, the copier’s mindset confuses art and representation, creation and imitation, creativity and copy, the opposite extremes ! And it spreads this short circuit of common sense to all levels of society. Representative classical art is not art, it is a public danger, a disease and an IMPOSTURE.


     Note : This text is a parody reaction to other texts that can be found on reactionary, fascistic or purely fascist websites, which condemn without reserve and/or advocate the fight against contemporary arts seen as a “degenerate” whole. The way you interpreted it, since you have arrived here, is under your responsibility… ;-)

français eric bourdon   Vieil art classique dans une galerie contemporaine


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