New exhibition space in Lille

Published on 2016-10-16 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
Category(ies) : Exhibitions, Painting, Portraits  

   You can find some of my paintings at the new gallery/workshop Atelier A3 in Lille (France) : 10 rue Saint-Génois (near the train station Lille-Flandres). The Atelier A3 is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11am-7pm.


Exhibition of my works, with pop paintings (Prince & Florent Pagny)
by Virginie Fiers alias Mamzelle Firlipipis



One of my paintings, surrounded by magic and tenderness with the portraits of Harry Potter & Amy Winehouse by Mamzelle Firlipipis


Photos © Eric Bourdon


français eric bourdon  Nouveau lieu d’exposition à Lille



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