Athens’ ruins could reveal true art…

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In Athens, the ruins of the State and market could reveal true art…

George Vamvakidis and Stathis Panagoulis of The Breeder Athens

George Vamvakidis and Stathis Panagoulis of The Breeder, Athens.
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“The art market is basically dead right now in Athens”, said George Vamvakidis in a telephone interview. Vamvakidis is a co-founder of The Breeder, a successful gallery that specialized in Greek contemporary artists and is known on the international art fair circuit. “The state is unable to fund the arts and the private collectors, the biggest ones, choose not to support the local market. So as a result almost every single commercial gallery of our generation has closed its doors. […]”

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Debt profundis – Oil painting

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Debt profundis


The first of two oil paintings made with Cobra (Royal Talens)
water mixable oil colors, for an exhibition of 20x20cm works
at the end of the year in Marseille…

Look at the second painting here !


© Eric Bourdon, 2015

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Greece Bailout Graffiti Nein

Protests aren’t just limited to demonstrations […] Some have taken a quiet yet bold and defiant stance, using enormous and pointed pieces of street art to vent their frustration with the EU and Greek government. The pieces range from murals on partially collapsed buildings to sweeping wheat pastes spanning multiple building stories. In bright color and striking drawings, they demonstrate the difficulties facing the Greek people.

Greece’s gorgeous street art shows anger about bailouts
by Dustin Drankoski (June 29, 2015)


Photo : A man walks past a graffiti made by street artist N_Grams that read “NO” in German but also “YES, IN” in Greek language in Athens, on Sunday, June 28, 2015 (Petros Giannakouris / Associated Press).


CARNICA – Original acrylic painting

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Original acrylic painting on linen canvas
A title between carnivore, carnage, and Guernica…
Artwork size : 28.74 x 23.62” / 73 x 60 cm
© Eric Bourdon, 2015


français eric bourdon  CARNICA – Tableau à la peinture acrylique




where to start 
     “No one is a prophet in their own land” is a well known popular expression. As an artist struggling to exhibit your work, you could also think “No one is an artist in their own land”. Alan Bamberger defends an opposite – or maybe complementary – view :


Many artists believe that all they have to do to get known is to show their art in major national or international art centers, and somehow some way, collectors will discover and appreciate it immediately. Continuing with this magical thinking, they fantasize that the exposure will result in instant recognition, a steady stream of sales, and the beginning of a great career. Why do they think this? It’s kind of a “grass is greener on the other side” mindset, often having to do with the mistaken belief that their art is not in front of the “right audience”, and that the only reason they haven’t been selling is that there’s not much of an art scene in their hometowns or wherever they happen to live, and that hardly anybody who lives there buys art. But the truth is that people do buy art, they buy it everywhere, and the hometown does count, so let’s take a look at the reality of the matter.


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Artists : How to Get Shows at Galleries in Major World Art Centers


Window on courtship – Acrylic painting

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Window on courtship

Original acrylic painting on linen canvas
Artwork size : 16.14 x 12.99” / 41 x 33 cm
© Eric Bourdon, 2015


Courtship is not an easy thing for the people,
the kings and even the stars…




The ascension of Zarathustra

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The ascension of Zarathustra - Eric Bourdon

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The ascension of Zarathustra

Original acrylic painting on linen canvas
by Eric Bourdon © 2015
Artwork size : 92 x 73 cm

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