Debt profundis – Oil painting

Published on 2015-07-10 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
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Zoom on the painting

Debt profundis


The first of two oil paintings made with Cobra (Royal Talens)
water mixable oil colors, for an exhibition of 20x20cm works
at the end of the year in Marseille…

Look at the second painting here !


© Eric Bourdon, 2015


Cobra is a genuine oil paint. The paint is made on the basis of drying oils and does not contain any water. An unusual property of this oil, however, is that it can be mixed with water. The paint can be used in all the usual oil paint techniques. […]

Cobra oil colours carry the label of an Artist quality. It is pleasant working with Cobra water mixable oil colours as you do not have to use any white spirit. Brushes and palette knives can be cleaned simply using soap and water.

français eric bourdon  Dette profundis – Peinture à l’huile


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