New people

2013/07/23 | by Eric Bourdon | Comment

eric bourdon new people

     New people of today, and something like a moon to enlighten them…


Photo © Eric Bourdon

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2013/07/19 | by Eric Bourdon | Comment

eric bourdon romanticizing

     First creatures found from this chaos of chalk drawings… One is a kind of guitarist whithout a guitar, the other at the top of a mechanical spring could be a singer. Beginning of a new rock band ?


Photo © Eric Bourdon

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2013/06/06 | by Eric Bourdon | Comment


Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant, a form of apophenia. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon or the Moon rabbit, and hearing hidden messages on records when played in reverse.

The word comes from the Greek words para (παρά, “beside, alongside, instead”) in this context meaning something faulty, wrong, instead of; and the noun eidōlon (εἴδωλον “image, form, shape”) the diminutive of eidos. Pareidolia is a type of apophenia, seeing patterns in random data.”     (Wikipedia)

The first & most usual kind of pareidolia is imagining creatures in the clouds. You can see good examples with Richard Carlson photographies here :
Cool Clouds for “Kids” of all Ages

Photo by Dr. R. E. Carlson

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     The big interest of bodypainting seems to be the possibility it offers to directly ‘paint’ the reality (and what more perfect part of the reality than the human body ?) without having to make any kind of representational work. You just put the paint on the bodies, and the power of painting ‘shines’ ; in such case the reality is used to its best potential in the service of the painting itself.


     In this sense, the optimal kind of bodypainting would be one that uses the body as a support for any type of non-representational painting. One of this kind is the work of Yasmina Alaoui who paints the photographies by Marco Guerra with layers of ink geometric drawings.


© Images : Yasmina Alaoui / Marco Guerra

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little mouse eric bourdon

– even this little piece of cheese !… Could be an allegory about the rich accumulating unnecessary goods while refusing the poor (the grey mouse) to feed themselves. The bird could be a state agent. A scenario among others…

Complete story on this page.


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Naoto Hattori

2012/03/28 | by Eric Bourdon | Comment

bad day
Giclee Print

Japanese painter from NYC. Naoto Hattori never paints with computers:

“Art is all about taking risks, follow your intuition and most of all getting your hands dirty with paint.”

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Retrouvez le post complet sur :

Miffy Dick Bruna


À 20km de Bruxelles, dans la ville de Mechelen (Malines), le cultuurcentrum expose du 18 février au 3 juin Dick Bruna, créateur de Miffy, élu ‘le lapin le plus populaire au monde’ (les organisateurs ayant déclassé Bugs Bunny pour dopage au carotène). Une visite complétée d’ateliers interactifs pour s’essayer au “langage formel et chromatique simple de Dick Bruna”. Une exposition destinée à tous les âges, même si les groupes scolaires seront principalement attendus.


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Blog of the little people of Slinkachu, artist from London.

Ready to change your point of vue on our good-old-world?



Photo © Slinkachu


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La Linea is the character created by Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli in the 70s. It remains the best example of how emotional a simple line can be !

La Linea 1
Osvaldo Cavandoli 2
La Linea Osvaldo Cavandoli 3 – La Linea


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2011/05/22 | by Eric Bourdon | Comment

Apricot - Eric Bourdon

This funny chaos ends up producing a series of quite regular characters…

Acrylic painting on linen canvas
31.89×25.59” / 81x65cm
*** 2007 ***

Image © Eric Bourdon

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