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Artist Eric Bourdon in CIMAISE art magazine issue on Lille

CIMAISE art magazine #291 (Sept-Nov 2008) France




Eric Bourdon

Eric Bourdon - CIMAISE art magazine

Eric Bourdon (our photo) receives me in his little sunny apartment in the "rue de Lens" which he uses also as a studio. On the wall, some of his paintings, witnesses of his coloured and delirious universe. A world which originates in the naivety inherent in childhood, its peculiar language and imaginary. Unrepentantly curious, the young man does not hesitate to explore various fields of creation and expression : that of the painting and colours as that of the words – he published last year a first novel – or the body painting, extending through this experiment his research on the human body. This year, Eric Bourdon has exhibited in Tianjin, China, as well as in New York.


Galerie Schèmes

The time to have a coffee on terrace with Eric Bourdon and then we are in front of the Schèmes gallery which exhibits, among others, the paintings of the young artist. While he presents his new series to the master of the place, Didier Dewulf (our photo), I stroll among the works, allured by some mixing of genres. Here paintings and bronzes cohabit with furniture, fabrics and wood sculptures from India. Didier Dewulf joins me and explains that before he took over the gallery six years ago, he was (and still is) importer of Indian products. Schèmes, which has existed for more than thirty years, always defended figurative painting. With the passing of years, the gallery has built up a collection of works from renowned artists, among them Jean-Claude Dailly and Bolek Budzyn.

Samantha Deman

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