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Photos of exhibitions by artist Eric Bourdon - Album 2

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exhibition Schèmes Lille Eric BourdonSchèmes Lille expo Eric BourdonGalerie Schèmes Eric Bourdonexhibition fantastic Eric BourdonLesquin Pasteur School 2011 Eric BourdonAAF 2010  Eric BourdonAffordable Art Fair 2010 Eric BourdonLions Club 2010 Eric Bourdon

Galerie Schèmes, Lille, France

Oct-Nov 2012

Galerie Schèmes, Lille, France

Galerie Schèmes, Lille, France

Schèmes, 2012

With the gallerist Didier Dewulf

and the exhibiting artists

Photo La Voix du Nord

Universal Art and Creation

Lys-lez-Lannoy, France, Oct 2013

Pasteur School, Lesquin, France

June 2011

AAF, Paris, France

Affordable Art Fair

Halle Freyssinet, Paris, France

May 2010

23rd Spring Show, Lions Club

Town Hall, Arras, France

April 2010

Art et création universels - Eric Bourdon Universal art and creation 2014 - Eric Bourdon Art and Creation 2014 - Eric Bourdon Art and Creation exhibition 2014 - Eric Bourdon

Universal Art and Creation

Lys-lez-Lannoy, France, Oct 2014

Universal Art and Creation

Lys-lez-Lannoy, France, Oct 2014

Eric Bourdon - First Prize in Painting

Universal Art and Creation - 1st Prize in Painting

Lys-lez-Lannoy, France, Oct 2014

Art auction - Drouot Paris Dominique Stal - Bertrand Jabot - Drouot Paris

Exhibition & Auction

M. Dominique Stal,

Expert in Modern and Contemporary Painting

& Maître Bertrand Jabot, Auctioneer

Drouot District, Paris, France, Feb 2015

Photos des expositions d'Eric Bourdon
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