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Drawing and ecology in school with artist Eric Bourdon



This file is a comprehensive overview of an educational project combining art and ecology, held at the Pasteur School in Lesquin from November 2010 to May 2011. It is the development of a shorter project carried out in a single first grade class in Roubaix in 2007. This time it involved 3 first grade classes and 4 second grade classes (6-8 years), during 8 sessions of 1h40 per class, or 93 hours of interventions.

The discovery of a contemporary artist and his paintings by the pupils is initiated by linking it immediately to the technique of an ancient 'institutional' painter : Joan Miró.

'The port', by Joan Miró

"The port" by Miró is one of his less colorful paintings, but it has the advantage of easily explain the construction of the characters.

From strokes first made almost at random, the characters are created gradually. They are not designed before to be drawn.

drawing character blackboard

Lines are made, in all directions, on the blackboard. In accordance with this concept, the pupils come to complete the drawings and make improvised characters appear.

Drawings on 21x29.7cm sheets are then distributed to each child. Based on the lines already drawn, they will add to the most appropriate locations the elements that identify the characters (eyes, mouth, hands, feet, hair...), following the model of the examples in the left margin.

creation characters lines

Pupils then make their own work, freely inspired. They draw their own lines randomly on a white sheet, and they complete them to make characters.

random drawings

Meanwhile, a few pupils take turns coming to draw lines with back paint on a vertical wooden support, a recovered 'door' (1mx2m).

In the following session, the children work individually on a recycled canvas type medium (mainly cotton : shirts, curtains, cut out t-shirts...) preferably in a still recognizable form, in order for them to be aware of reusing an object which had a different function.


The entire project is available for free by downloading this pdf file [5Mo] :

Eric Bourdon - Drawing / ecology project - Pasteur School in Lesquin

Cours de dessin par Eric Bourdon à l'école de Lesquin grey rectangle

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