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Acrylic painting ‘LOST’ by artist painter Eric Bourdon

Peinture 'LOST' par Eric Bourdon, étape par étape


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You are looking at the page LOST, acrylic painting | Eric Bourdon, artist painter on the website Eric Bourdon, French artist painter | Gallery, in the category Paintings. 'LOST' is an acrylic painting on linen by French painter Eric Bourdon, 65 x 54 cm. Discover the steps of its creation, from the first improvised lines to the varnished canvas. French contemporary artist Eric Bourdon practices improvisational drawing. Lines drawn at random gradually evolve into the final artwork...

Eric Bourdon - Lost - Painting on canvas

LOST, 25.59 x 21.26'' / 65 x 54 cm, acrylic painting on linen canvas, 2014

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