We are…
The Nanominus
the Nanominus… eric bourdon publications summary summary
Through modest
little scenes whose
drawing is always
    the same…
 But the dialogues are not…
Otherwise it would be
             and in the
        following pages
   you will find out all
 about us !
It's called the
'creative constraint'.
We, we don't like
    it much…
moronic !
We prefer variety
    and colors !
             And then it's
        stupid and evil. If it
    amuses you, that means
 you really have
 a dark side…
  or we get to dazzle
        you despite a text of an
              alarming poverty !
  At the same time, it's
           a bit thanks to the author
                   that we're here…
                    It's also thanks to
              him that you take the
          last retort in your face,
       on each page !
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   on each
page ?…
  So, thank him…
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