We are…
The Nanominus
the Nanominus… eric bourdon publications summary summary
A full mask show…!
                 and to stop
           confusing us with
        others, we explain you…
     one last time !
We‚ we are the
anonymous you
    don't know…
You know that
now we know
    each other ?…
The ordinary
anonymous* you don't
   know them either…
* Anonymus communis
  But you don't
  even know you don't
        know them !
           Whereas with us
     it's clear : you see
    we're hiding…!
By the way,
    it's the only thing
           we show you !
   And at the very end
          perhaps we can show
                    them a little more…
is that true ?…
                                Could you really hide
                            those disgusting ears
                        from us ? Could you ?
                     Could you ??
     you fool !
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