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Publications by French artist painter Eric Bourdon

Les publications d'Eric Bourdon


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You are looking at the page Publications | Eric Bourdon, artist painter on the website Eric Bourdon, French artist painter | Gallery, in the category About the artist. Writings, books and publications by French artist painter Eric Bourdon. The essay "Beside the point" ("Hors-Sujets") and "Introduction to Nietzsche's Thus spoke Zarathustra" at Éditions Sils-Maria, thriller novels "Kid-nappers" ("Les Voleurs d'Enfant") and "The Clearers" ("Les Clarificateurs") at Éditions de La Méduse.

Eric Bourdon - The Nanominus - Comic strip

The Nanominus - Anonymous zeroes

33 pages (html)

The paradoxes of the anonymous defense

of freedom of expression, in pictures.


The Clearers - ebook - Eric Bourdon

The Clearers (Les Clarificateurs)

eBook - Free download   [ pdf (fr) 1Mo ]

2012 / Revised text, Aug. 2015

272 p.

Book review by Thibault Isabel   [FR]

The Clearers - Eric Bourdon - Novel, thriller

The Clearers (Les Clarificateurs)

Novel   [ pdf (fr) 330Ko ]

Éditions de La Méduse, Lille, France, 2012

14,2 x 22,2 cm, p. 54-232, 232 p.

Book review by Lydia Bonnaventure   [FR]

eBook kid-nappers Eric Bourdon

Kid-nappers (Les Voleurs d'Enfant)

eBook - Free download   [ pdf (fr) 1,1Mo ]

2006 / Revised text, Sept. 2014

263 p.

Kid-nappers - Eric Bourdon - Novel, thriller

Kid-nappers (Les Voleurs d'Enfant)

Novel   [ pdf (fr) 440Ko ]

Éditions de La Méduse, Lille, France, 2006

14 x 22 cm, 170 p.

diploma 9th International Literature Contest ‘Regards 2007’

nietzsche zarathustra article eric bourdon

" Introduction to Nietzsche's Thus spoke Zarathustra "

(" Introduction à Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra de Nietzsche ")

Article published in the journal Concepts [1]

[ jpg (fr) 700Ko ]

Éditions Sils-Maria, Mons, Belgium, 2000

14 x 21 cm, p. 91-108, 136 p.

Beside the point - Eric Bourdon - Essay, philosophy

Beside the point (Hors-Sujets)

Essay about artistic creativity   [ jpg (fr) 700Ko ]

Éditions Sils-Maria, Mons, Belgium, 2000

14,5 x 21 cm, 88 p.