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Publications by French artist painter Eric Bourdon

Les publications d'Eric Bourdon


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You are looking at the page Publications | Eric Bourdon, artist painter on the website Eric Bourdon, French artist painter | Gallery, in the category About the artist. Writings, books and publications by French artist painter Eric Bourdon. The essay "Beside the point" ("Hors-Sujets") and "Introduction to Nietzsche's Thus spoke Zarathustra" at Éditions Sils-Maria, thriller novels "Kid-nappers" ("Les Voleurs d'Enfant") and "The Clearers" ("Les Clarificateurs") at Éditions de La Méduse...

Tout et rien Texte de poesie libre Eric Bourdon Lille 2019

All and nothing (Tout et rien)

Text of free poetry   [ pdf (fr) 50Ko ]


diploma 3rd Prize “Paul-Jean Toulet”, XXVth Floral Games of Béarn (Jeux Floraux du Béarn)  by Poets Without Borders (Poètes Sans Frontières)  in Pau, France.

Eric Bourdon - The Nanominus - Comic strip

The Nanominus - Anonymous zeroes

33 pages (html)

The paradoxes of the anonymous defense

of freedom of expression, in pictures.


The Clearers - ebook - Eric Bourdon

The Clearers (Les Clarificateurs)

eBook - Free download   [ pdf (fr) 1Mo ]

2012 / Revised text, Aug. 2015

272 p.

Book review by Thibault Isabel   [FR]

The Clearers - Eric Bourdon - Novel, thriller

The Clearers (Les Clarificateurs)

Novel   [ pdf (fr) 330Ko ]

Éditions de La Méduse, Lille, France, 2012

14,2 x 22,2 cm, p. 54-232, 232 p.

Book review by Lydia Bonnaventure   [FR]

eBook kid-nappers Eric Bourdon

Kid-nappers (Les Voleurs d'Enfant)

eBook - Free download   [ pdf (fr) 1,1Mo ]

2006 / Revised text, Sept. 2014

263 p.

Kid-nappers - Eric Bourdon - Novel, thriller

Kid-nappers (Les Voleurs d'Enfant)

Novel   [ pdf (fr) 440Ko ]

Éditions de La Méduse, Lille, France, 2006

14 x 22 cm, 170 p.

diploma 9th International Literature Contest ‘Regards 2007’

nietzsche zarathustra article eric bourdon

" Introduction to Nietzsche's Thus spoke Zarathustra "

(" Introduction à Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra de Nietzsche ")

Article published in the journal Concepts [1]

[ jpg (fr) 700Ko ]

Éditions Sils-Maria, Mons, Belgium, 2000

14 x 21 cm, p. 91-108, 136 p.

Beside the point - Eric Bourdon - Essay, philosophy

Beside the point (Hors-Sujets)

Essay about artistic creativity   [ jpg (fr) 700Ko ]

Éditions Sils-Maria, Mons, Belgium, 2000

14,5 x 21 cm, 88 p.