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You are looking at the page Press | Eric Bourdon, artist painter on the website Eric Bourdon, French artist painter | Gallery, in the category About the artist. A selection of press articles about Eric Bourdon, artist painter from Lille, France. TV interview on Wéo, interviews in newspapers and print media like the magazine on contemporary arts CIMAISE. Book reviews of publications by Eric Bourdon, photo portrait for the book "French in the lens" by Le Figaro's journalists...


2017, Feb 3 : Interview in the TV show “ So we go out ? ” [FR] by Anouk Winberg on WÉO

2015, April : Book review of the novel Les Clarificateurs  (first eBook version) [FR]

 by Thibault Isabel

2012, Oct 25 : “ Masters of fantastic painting come to the Schèmes gallery ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2012, Oct : Book review of the novel Les Clarificateurs  [FR]

by Lydia Bonnaventure

2012, April : Portrait in the book French in the lens (Les Français dans l’objectif)

by Gilles Bassignac, Jean-Michel Turpin, Gérard Mermet and Denis Tillinac

Éditions de la Martinière, Paris, France

2011, Sept : Mention in the video report “ 2011 Green Heads’ Awards ”

Terra Project agency, Paris, France

2011, June 29 : “ Pasteur School opens the doors of the imaginary ”

La Voix du Nord, Villeneuve d’ascq, France

2011, March : Mention in the Lille guide Le Chti 2011

Le Chti, Lille, France

2009, Oct 30 : “ The clash of genres with Eric Bourdon and Chimère at the Schèmes gallery ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2009, Oct 16 : “ Eric Bourdon - Cheerful delirium ”

by Samantha Deman on ArtsHebdoMedias.com

2008, Sept-Nov : “ LILLE - All in abundance ”

by Samantha Deman

CIMAISE art magazine #291, France

2008, May 22 : “ A successful second edition of the Very Artistic Festival ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2008, April 6-7 : “ Today and tomorrow, at the town hall, solidarity, one can see it in painting ”

La Voix du Nord, Arras, France

2008, Jan-Feb : Publication of a bodypainting photo

by Dorine Roussel

PHOTO magazine #446, France

2007, July 5 : “ End of year exhibition at the Quinet-Bert School ”

La Voix du Nord, Roubaix, France

Winter 2005-2006 : “ Arts : Eric Bourdon’s funny chaos / The symptomal presentness of Eric Bourdon ”

by Paul Masquelier

Journal Éléments #119, France

2002, June 9 : “ The clash of the generations ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2001, May 16 : “ Eight new independent artists ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2000, May 17 : “ A definitely very creative young man ”

La Voix du Nord, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France

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