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2017, Feb 3 : Interview in the TV show “ So we go out ? ” [FR] by Anouk Winberg on WÉO

2015, April : Book review of the novel Les Clarificateurs  (first eBook version) [FR]

 by Thibault Isabel

2012, Oct 25 : “ Masters of fantastic painting come to the Schèmes gallery ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2012, Oct : Book review of the novel Les Clarificateurs  [FR]

by Lydia Bonnaventure

2012, April : Portrait in the book French in the lens (Les Français dans l’objectif)

by Gilles Bassignac, Jean-Michel Turpin, Gérard Mermet and Denis Tillinac

Éditions de la Martinière, Paris, France

2011, Sept : Mention in the video report “ 2011 Green Heads’ Awards ”

Terra Project agency, Paris, France

2011, June 29 : “ Pasteur School opens the doors of the imaginary ”

La Voix du Nord, Villeneuve d’ascq, France

2011, March : Mention in the Lille guide Le Chti 2011

Le Chti, Lille, France

2009, Oct 30 : “ The clash of genres with Eric Bourdon and Chimère at the Schèmes gallery ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2009, Oct 16 : “ Eric Bourdon - Cheerful delirium ”

by Samantha Deman on ArtsHebdoMedias.com

2008, Sept-Nov : “ LILLE - All in abundance ”

by Samantha Deman

CIMAISE art magazine #291, France

2008, May 22 : “ A successful second edition of the Very Artistic Festival ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2008, April 6-7 : “ Today and tomorrow, at the town hall, solidarity, one can see it in painting ”

La Voix du Nord, Arras, France

2008, Jan-Feb : Publication of a bodypainting photography

by Dorine Roussel

PHOTO magazine #446, France

2007, July 5 : “ End of year exhibition at the Quinet-Bert School ”

La Voix du Nord, Roubaix, France

Winter 2005-2006 : “ Arts : Eric Bourdon’s funny chaos / The symptomal presentness of Eric Bourdon ”

by Paul Masquelier

Journal Éléments #119, France

2002, June 9 : “ The clash of the generations ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2001, May 16 : “ Eight new independent artists ”

La Voix du Nord, Lille, France

2000, May 17 : “ A definitely very creative young man ”

La Voix du Nord, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France

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