Do we really need social share buttons…?

Published on 2014-11-24 by Eric Bourdon | Comment
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From Do we really need social share buttons ?, an article by Neil Allison, User Experience Manager at the University of Edinburgh :

I’ve been thinking about social media sharing buttons recently. This kind of functionality is on the to-do list for the new Drupal CMS. I’m currently wondering whether they’re worth bothering with at all […]


Then, quoting a tweet by Smashing Magazine :

Maybe […] buttons aren’t just being ignored – maybe they’re actually damaging your presence in the social sphere… “We removed FB buttons and traffic from Facebook increased. Reason : instead of ‘liking’ articles, readers share [them] on their timeline.” – @smashingmag


Reason why there’s no ‘like’ button on this blog, but only ‘share’ (and share only) buttons…


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