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Leonardo da Vinci, Freud and artist painter Eric Bourdon…

Léonard de Vinci, peinture d'Eric Bourdon
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You are looking at the page Leonardo da Vinci | Eric Bourdon, artist painter on the website Eric Bourdon, French artist painter | Gallery, in the category Paintings. French artist Eric Bourdon's improvisational painting inspired by 'The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne', a work by Leonardo da Vinci in which Sigmund Freud saw a vulture. But from the same artwork, the contemporary painter Eric Bourdon imagine many other creatures, and at least 3 elephant trunks missed by Freud !... Updated : 4/1/2018 11:24:36 AM.


Leonardo Freud vautour

The vulture, that Sigmund Freud guessed was hidden in the folds of the garment of the Virgin, was the center of Freud's speculations about Leonardo da Vinci's alleged homosexuality and views on women in his book Leonardo da Vinci and a memory of his childhood  (1910).

Vierge à l'Enfant

The Virgin and Child

with Saint Anne


Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo lines - Eric Bourdon Freud vautour - Eric Bourdon

On the same basis one can imagine many other creatures

(and at least 3 elephant trunks missed by Freud !). This requires considering that the projections of the imagination reveal what their author wants to see, not an objective reality.

The game - or the work in full awareness - of the imagination makes it possible to multiply the

creative possibilities (while also allowing oneself to add or remove freely some elements on the way).

Freud elephant - Eric Bourdon Souvenir trompeur Freud - Eric Bourdon

Sigmund Freud and a memory of his elephants

13.78 x 10.63'' / 35 x 27 cm

Acrylic painting on linen canvas