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Photos of French artist Eric Bourdon’s exhibitions - Album 4

Photos des expositions d'Eric Bourdon


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You are looking at the page The exhibitions of Eric Bourdon - Photo album 4 on the website Eric Bourdon, French artist painter | Gallery, in the category Exhibitions. Photo album of French artist painter Eric Bourdon's first exhibitions : Galerie Schèmes in Lille, France, Heysel Exhibition Center in Brussels, Belgium, Caelum Gallery in New York and RISD school in Providence, RI, USA, Art Symbol Gallery in Paris, the Artistic Design Department of the University of Tianjin in China... Updated : 3/16/2018 3:09:31 PM.

Exposition à l'Université du Hebei Eric Bourdon

Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin, CHINA

School of Civil Engineering

Artistic Design Department

May 2008

Tianjin exhibition Eric Bourdon

Qian Wang, organizer of the exhibition

New York USA 2008 Eric Bourdon

Caelum Gallery, New York, NY, USA

Jan 2008

Lions Club Arras 2008 Eric Bourdon

21st Spring Show, Lions Club

Town Hall, Arras, France, April 2008

Exposition Douai 2005 Eric Bourdon

Town Hall, Douai, France, March 2005

Collection privée à Vichy Eric Bourdon

Three paintings in a private collection

Vichy, France, Aug 2006

Galerie Art Symbol Eric Bourdon

Art Symbol Gallery

Place des Vosges, Paris, France, Oct 2004

Bruxelles 2004 Eric Bourdon

Heysel Exhibition Center

Brussels, Belgium, Nov 2004

Paris Galerie Art Symbol 2004 Eric Bourdon

Art Symbol Gallery

Galerie Art Symbol Paris Eric Bourdon

Art Symbol Gallery

Place des Vosges, Paris, France

Oct 2004

Galerie Art Symbol Paris expo 2004 Eric Bourdon

Art Symbol Gallery

Place des Vosges, Paris, France, Oct 2004

Place des Vosges Paris Eric Bourdon

Art Symbol Gallery

Paris Junsheng Guo Eric Bourdon

Galerie Thuillier, Paris, France

Sept-Nov 2004

With Chinese painter Junsheng Guo

Eric Bourdon, Schemes Gallery poster 2004

Galerie Schèmes, Lille, France

May-June 2004

Schèmes Gallery poster 2002 Eric Bourdon

Galerie Schèmes, Lille, France

June 2002

RISD 2003 Kate Lyons Eric Bourdon Greg Shea

Rhode Island School of Design

Providence, RI, USA, Oct 2003

RISD Auditorium

With Kate Lyons, writer, and Greg Shea, artistic agent