Foreword  <p.4>


Anonymous introductions…  <p.5>
Anonymous claims of responsibility  <p.6>
A matter of time…  <p.7>
The ultimate refuge…  <p.8>
The anonymous debtor  <p.9>

Become anonymous !

To the greats of this world…  <p.10>
A unique identification code  <p.11>
Admission test  <p.12>

Anonymous love & friendship

Sentimental…  <p.13>
Domestic quarrel  <p.14>
Anonymous friendship…  <p.15>

Masks' thoughts

Rebels Inc.  <p.17>
The paradox of the struggle  <p.18>
Depersonalization at all levels…  <p.19>
Visible gender diversity  <p.20>
Cephalic condoms  <p.21>
Conspicuous signs of identity  <p.22>
A hyper-leader concept…  <p.23>

A sense of emptiness...

Enemies not in sight…  <p.24>
A matter of survival  <p.25>


Ultimate terror  <p.26>
When will come the day…  <p.27>
Curing evil with evil…  <p.28>


A full mask show…!  <p.29>
The frightening promo video…  <p.30>
All is possible !  <p.31>


Right of reply  <p.33>
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