We are…
The Nanominus
the Nanominus… eric bourdon publications summary summary
Conspicuous signs of identity
  and this is
our first
   law proposal !…
In order that
no one may influence
    another anymore…
With the aim of
respecting everyone's
   freedom of conscience…
We propose
the obligation for all
   to wear a mask !
And the prohibition
 of all conspicuous
     signs of identity !
         Any idea or
    emotion will have to
 be carefully kept by its
 anonymous owner…
This principle
   will ensure the best
          respect for each other's
              identity !
   The respect for
        what identity ?… It's not
                  clear anymore, then…
    it's only a
            But among
       anonymous, the law
   is already in force,
capiche ?!!
jawohl !
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