We are…
The Nanominus
the Nanominus… eric bourdon publications summary summary
A hyper-leader concept...
                and the mask as
            a symbol of the fight for
        freedom of expression
     is perhaps pathetic…
But it's a blessing
   in disguise !
A necessary evil !
And then if
 anonymity enables us
  to screw up
      a website…
 If we manage
 to reveal private
           If hidden
      beneath our masks
 we get to sink a nice
political career…
A successful
   incognito operation is
         a great promotion for
              freedom of expression !
For freedom of
        expression… or the pathetic
                 way we look at it…
                 The mask is
            our 'leader concept'
        freedom is too 'hyper-
   confusing' as we said
at the meeting !
    at the
briefing' ?
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