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Biography of Eric Bourdon, French artist painter

Biographie d'Eric Bourdon
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You are looking at the page Biography | Eric Bourdon, artist painter on the website Eric Bourdon, French artist painter | Gallery, in the category About the artist. Biography of Eric Bourdon (born in 1979), French painter, sketch artist and writer in Lille. Self-taught, close to Art Brut and Joan Miró, Eric Bourdon practices improvisation in drawing. He exhibited notably at the Galerie Schèmes in Lille, Bicha Gallery in London, and recently at the Salon of French Artists in Paris.

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know yourself philosophy life

Gnothi seauton (ancient Greek) / Know yourself

Precept engraved on the pediment of the

Temple of Apollo (6th century BC) at Delphi,

and generally regarded as the founding principle

of philosophy. The same aphorism can be found

on the much older Luxor Temple, in Egypt (-1400).

Last-born, in 1979, of a small fundamentalist Catholic family in the north of France, I decide at the age of 5 to paint for my entire life. A decision that immediately confronts family avoidance or opposition.

A long comatose period follows, which brings me after a scientific bachelor's degree to undertake studies in philosophy by an unconscious desire to find myself again, which eventually - but not at the university ! - paid off.

It is in a hallway of a church of Scientology that I hear snippets of a conversation by pure chance : Ron Hubbard - the creator of this rather broad method of self-improvement - would have discovered that each human being decides what he wants to make of his life in the very early years of his existence. Getting back in line with this first decision would be one of the greatest personal achievements desirable. By that time I had already started to paint again but these words, these whispers, this little butterfly fluttering almost innocently in the air, would hold me like a canvas on a frame.

The same year, I was already beginning to exhibit, I found galleries in Paris who welcomed me in a completely informal setting - but that's where I made my first sales*. In Lille, the Schemes Gallery would represent me more strongly and on the long-term basis, and other opportunities would arrive in France or abroad, to develop a wide program of exhibitions.

In line with the original decision, my painting is not 'regressive' - what one might think if one were persuaded by life or society that wanting to be oneself is THE puerile and narcissistic desire par excellence... This painting is moved back and forth by a continuous work of shaping a graphical material at first sight shapeless and meaningless ; a long and complex work of discovery or construction of life from the chaos. But it keeps intact the incomparable dreams and energy of the first years.


* For example, from 2000 to 2004 : at the 'Galerie de la Harpe', 26 rue de la Harpe, Paris 5e, which no longer exists, or also at the 'Galerie Dung Bui', 3 rue Chomel, Paris 7e, relocated to Saint-Paul-de-Vence.